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Step Agility Hurdle

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Step Agility Hurdle is manufactured for increasing foot speed and knee lift for raising intensity level of any agility drill. These hurdles have innovative back bounce construction, and maintain their shape, even after being used by the toughest athletes. Each hurdle offers a highly durable base with a low profile look for cleats of all sizes.

Product Code : SATE-AH07

Product Information : 

  • Designed with durable light weight PVC Hurdles.
  • Can be used in indoor and outdoor.
  • It is used to increase speed, strength, power, agility, quickness and reaction time when used in personal training.
  • They are ideal for sports training drills in almost every sport including football, soccer, track and field, basketball, Tennis, lacrosse, field hockey and more
  • It can be arranged in multiple patterns for agility training and speed training drills.
  • Hurdles are 45cm wide and are available in three different heights
  • Available in different sizes.

Product Specifications : 

Product Code Sizes Specification
SATE-AH07-A Height 6 inches (15cm) 1 pcs
SATE-AH07-B Height 12 inches (30cm) 1 pcs
SATE-AH07-C Height 18 inches (45cm) 1 pcs